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With more than 60 years in the development and manufacture of "Made in Germany" lifts, we are one of the market leaders in Germany. SGS Sommerer stands for:

  • Innovative products
  • Complete solutions for your pit
  • Customised accessories
  • Individualised advice
  • 60 years of experience
  • Top-level skills
  • Custom products
  • Consultancy on pits


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Pit lift as alternative to lift platform

It is necessary for the servicing of passenger cars and lorries to raise the vehicles to obtain unrestricted access to all relevant system elements. There are two elementary approaches for this which enable the servicing of any passenger car and lorry. The solution using a so-called lift platform raises the vehicle to an appropriate height after it has been parked on the product so that the servicing can be started.


The classic and reliable method which also continues to be used at Sommerer is the solution using a pit and a pit lift. When using a pit lift, the vehicle can then be driven directly over the pit where the servicing personnel can start the servicing while upright or standing. The axles have maximum protection when the pit lift is used correctly and, depending on the case, a service can frequently be completed quickly thanks to uncomplicated servicing processes.



Design and benefits of a pit lift

Pit lifts are actuated using electric, hydraulic or pneumatic control elements. Compact and robust designs support uncomplicated and process-oriented use so that the service does not require longer time than necessary. Furthermore, a distinction between floor-running and suspended models is made for pit lifts. Suspended pit lifts are impressive due to all-purpose use. They are particularly suitable for the gearbox and assembly installation and removal. All common maintenance work is also no problem using suspended pit lifts.


Completely hydraulic methods of operation enable maximum possibilities for suspended pit lifts to create optimum working areas. On the other hand, floor-running pit lifts are used much more often when using inspection pits. The user benefits from convenient operation using foot pedals. Nevertheless, floor-running pit lifts are extremely stable and safe. Depending on the model, there is even self-taring included, i.e. automatic, optimum basic adjustment and no longer has to be performed manually.



Innovation with pit lifts from Sommerer

Despite the long tradition and proven reliability of pit lifts, constant further development and innovation of pit lifts are indispensable. As one of the market leading companies in the area of lift platforms, support systems and pit lifts, we at Sommerer appreciate continuing the quality and further development of these products and setting a good example as an important objective. We want to achieve this by means of our compact, robust and high quality pit lifts which fulfil all required conditions. Learn more about the function and fabrication of pit lifts from Sommerer by regularly browsing through our products. Furthermore, we are also pleased to provide detailed information on request which sustainably enhances knowledge about pit lifts and their application areas.


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