Support systems and support bridges for passenger cars and commercial vehicles


Regular inspection of your own passenger car is very important to detect possible damage at an early stage and before it becomes irreparable to be able to rectify. Therefore, many customers have confidence in the products and particularly the various support systems from Sommerer. There are initially two distinctions to be made for supports. There are so-called support bridges which are present at two points and only enable the support of the passenger car and commercial vehicle, and there are complete support systems which control both the support and lifting of your passenger car and commercial vehicle.


Support systems are thus real all-in-one solutions for those inclined to hobby repairs or also complete specialist workshops. Some of the support systems from Sommerer come with centre of gravity compensation and others with opening on one side as special feature. The vehicle is thus evenly supported and can be serviced with peace of mind and properly without being harmed by it.



The use of support systems


A support system can be simply and conveniently implemented in a pit profile. A cross member is then placed in the support system and simultaneous raising and support of the axle is no longer a problem. Low-floor buses and vehicles which require a large supporting height can be handled without hesitation by Sommerer.


Join the circle of satisfied customers and acquire a support system from Sommerer. The suitable support system for every maintenance task is already available for ordering: high quality, reliable and can be used without any difficulties. Furthermore, models guided at the pit edge can show even higher precision. Moving out the pit lift during the use of support systems is usually not obstructed which makes the work much easier.




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