Electric pit lift for easier use


If you have already been in the situation of using a pit lift for the servicing of your passenger car and commercial vehicle, you certainly complained then about the strenuous and arduous work associated with this equipment. However, contrary to many opinions, this is not necessary at all. With an electric pit lift from Sommerer, you have a high performance machine with electric drive.


You have maximum simplicity to, for example, install and remove engines. A flexible chassis enables more than sufficient freedom of movement for working while a slim design provides more space in the respective pit.


Beneficial electric pit lift and its characteristics


Our Sommerer electric pit lifts have powerful motors which makes the work very much easier. Furthermore, permanent immersion in oil ensures that corrosion is a condition almost unknown for Sommerer pit lifts. The manufacture in bronze ensures that maximum service life can be achieved and that you do not have to look for a new model for your pit again after a very short time of pleasant use.


We provide both suspended and floor-running electric pit lifts. You always have the choice which of the products in our range best meets your requirements. Our ergonomic design will make the operation of electric pit lifts easy and uncomplicated for you. Specific information about many different types of electric pit lifts can be found on our product pages so that the selection of the correct product will be easier for you. With suspended, rigid and adjustable chassis, there is also sufficient flexibility in the movement range of electric pit lifts.




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