Rigid and swivelling gearbox plates


There are different versions of gearbox plates from Sommerer; for example rigid and swivelling. For the swivelling gearbox plate, the underside can be inclined using clamping bands and wooden block so that the alignment and positioning of the gearbox can be adjusted completely freely. This enable better and more convenient maintenance of the vehicle without additional effort which represents a significant advantage in comparison with numerous competing products. The maintenance also becomes much more flexible although a rigid model is preferred under certain circumstances.


The sizes of gearbox plates are also different; various gearbox dimensions can be held or accommodated. The load bearing capacity of a gearbox plate is different from model to model and version and can be seen in the detail view.


Gearbox plates are ideal for pit lifts


The high quality gearbox plates are ideal accessories for every type of pit lift. Pay strict attention to the compatibility of your starting product and the Sommerer quality for the selection of your gearbox plate. More than 60 years of experience in consultancy on pits, the use of gearbox plates and more make Sommerer an ideal partner for all gearbox plates interested parties and thus also for you.


Look at our gearbox plate models in more detail and check the long service life and solidity of a gearbox plate from Sommerer. We invite you to look at all our plates more closely to find the ideal solution for your gearbox. Maintenance and gearbox check are made easily using gearbox plates from Sommerer at unbeatable prices. The load bearing capacity complies with the highest safety standards and leaves nothing to be desired. Everything you need for the servicing of your vehicle, from cross members to pit lifts and gearbox plates, is represented in the Sommerer range.




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