Pit lifts, gearbox jacks, load carrying devices and support systems

To the wide range of products belong floor-running and suspended pit lifts, gearbox jacks, carrying devices and support systems.


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Pit lifts floor-running
for commercial vehicles

Universal pit lifts allow maximum freedom for movement in the pit





pit lift

Pit lifts suspended
for commercial vehicles

Classical pit lifts in
slim design




gearbox lift floor running

Gearbox lifts

Robust gearbox lifts with
high structural stability



pit-lift passenger cars

Pit lifts for passenger cars

Pit lifts Jacking beams for 4-post lifts




gearbox platform

Load carrying devices

Cross members, gearbox plates
and accessories




support system

Support systems

Variable systems for safe lifting and supporting loads





Overview of pit lifts, gearbox jacks, load carrying devices and support systems

In the overview of pit lifts you`ll find 6 categories. In the first place are the floor-running pit lifts for commercial vehicles. These pit lifts are versatile usable and their exceptional advantage is the free movement in the pit. The suspended pit lifts for commercial vehicles are our classics, characterized by a slim construction. The gearbox jacks are designed very robust for their purpose and of high stability. The pit lifts for passenger cars can partly be used as a jacking beam in a 4-column-hoist.


To the pit lifts also belong different load carrying devices like cross members, gearbox plates and versatile and customized accessories. To the 6 category belong the support systems. These are variable systems for supporting only or for simultaneous lifting and supporting of one or more axles.


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